You're here - you landed at BullyBelly, your ultimate destination for rustic metal wall art inspired by the iconic bulldog! We are delighted to offer bulldog approved wall art to fellow bulldog lovers. The store is dedicated to creating unique and high-quality designs that celebrate the charm, playfulness, and irresistible cuteness of Isabella in particular, occasionally her little brother Otis, and all bulldogs. Whether you're a proud bulldog owner or simply adore these lovable creatures, BullyBelly is the perfect place to find metal wall art to decorate your home or gift to your crazy bulldog friends. We understand the deep connection and special bond that exists between bulldog people and their furry companions, and it is this profound passion that inspired us to open BullyBelly. We want to share the bulldog love and spread the joy that these stubborn, lovable and squish faces bring into our lives. Join us on this exciting journey and discover a world of bulldog-inspired wall art that will make your heart melt!

The Boss

Isabella supervises the house and the business. She approves every design and loyally supports her family in all they do.

The Staff

Aundrea leads a family of proud military members, representing three branches of our uniformed services. She is the mother to a Marine and a Coast Guardsman, and the wife of a Marine. After a career serving in the Navy, Aundrea now takes orders from her furry overlord, Isabella. The entire family has immense respect for all those who serve our country and dedicates a special collection of metal wall art to honor their service.

Based in the Beltway of Our Nation's Capital