Bulldog House Number Metal Sign

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Personalized Bulldog House Number Sign

Imagine sprucing up your home with the most coolest addition ever – a metal wall art piece featuring a squish face Bulldog! For all you English Bulldog enthusiasts out there, this is the cherry on top of your Bulldog-loving sundae. But wait, here comes the twist: you can personalize this masterpiece with your house numbers, making your love for these wrinkled wonders known to the world!

Available in a range of colors, from a bold copper to a stylish silver, this wall art isn’t just about style – it's a celebration of your furry friend's squishy, slobbery face right on your wall. It’s more than just an address marker; it's a whimsical ode to the goofy charm of English Bulldogs that'll have every passerby grinning from ear to ear!

  • 18 Gauge Steel
  • 5 Color Options (Black, Red, White, Copper, Silver)
  • 5 Sizes - 30", 24", 18", 14", 12" 
  • Mounting Hardware Not Included
  • Ships in continental United States 

Customize with your house address up to 14 characters.

Size of the sign is based on the maximum height or width of the sign depending on the physical orientation.

Please email us if you have any questions and thank you for sharing your love of bulldogs and supporting our small business!

Metal Colors

All signs are powder coated and come in five colors - black, red, white, copper and silver.

Metal Die-Cut Process

Each metal sign is made to order from a single sheet of 18 gauge steel using a die-cut process. That means a metal tool called a “die” is used to punch out sections from a single sheet of steel thereby creating a connected design. There are no “floating elements” so the fonts used are stencil. The result is a beautifully crated sign in a single color which is then powder-coated to withstand the elements.

Hanging Your Wall Art

Metal wall art can be hung indoors or outdoors, adding to the home decor or welcoming guests. How you hang it depends on the wall surface and the size of the sign. For smaller signs, a nail is fine. Sometimes you might want to use more than one nail to make sure the artwork is level. For heavier signs, screws or brackets might be needed to attach to a wall stud.

Packaging and Shipping

Our signs are packaged using recyclable materials and shipped in the continental United States via U.S. Mail. Delivery time is generally 2 - 6 business days after production. You will receive a tracking number after your sign is shipped.

Bulldog Approved

Our Quality Control Team