5 House Number Sign Ideas: How To Elevate Your Home’s Entrance with Dog Signs

Hey, dog lovers! Are you looking to improve your curb appeal? Your front door view is more than the entryway to your home - it’s the welcome spot for your family and friends. 

 What is the first thing that a visitor notices about your house? It’s the house number plate, right? Even a minor change to your house decor leaves an everlasting impression. 

 Today, many homeowners go for creative, trending, and personalized ways to decorate their homes. The creative ones are getting personalized house number metal signs. 

 If you're a bulldog lover, dog metal signs with a sleek silhouette could be the most creative and appealing way to show off your love for your furry friends while enhancing curb appeal. 

 Let’s walk through some of the most unique and appealing house number signs that are definitely worth the investment. 

1. Classic Charm for Traditional Homes 

Choosing the right signs without challenging the theme can be tricky, especially when maintaining a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. 

In that case, you can shop for house number signs with specific colors that truly harmonize your welcoming environment and uphold the traditional vibrancy. 

Powder-coated black steel is a timeless choice that looks great on all front porches. 

The picture above is a great example showing a flawless combination of color and theme, maintaining a classical charm with dog-themed black metal signs. 

Also, you can consider:-

  • Color options like black, white, copper, red, or silver. 
  • Signs with different sizes based on your entryway. 

2. Modern Appeal for Contemporary Homes

Less is more when it comes to maintaining the minimalist look of your contemporary home. The cleaner you choose to be, the more outstanding your house sign will appear and make a divine statement to the visitors.

But the question is, how can we incorporate our love for bulldogs while maintaining that sleek, modern aesthetic? 

You can embrace minimalism with sleek steel cut into a defined silhouette. This will add a subtle touch of sophistication to your front door view. 

You may also consider:- 

  • Powder-coated chalk white to stick with the bold look for a more dramatic effect. 
  • LED lights above the sign or bulldog silhouette to have a more beautiful and welcoming glow at night.

3. Rustic Charm for Wood-siding Homes

A wood-siding home emits a cozy, warm, and natural vibe. Mixing textures with a steel metal house number sign brings a bit of modern flair to rustic charm.

Here, you may opt for:-

  • Copper-colored designs that invite warmness. 
  • Handwritten or vintage-inspired fonts to maintain the rustic nature.

4. Timeless Appeal with Metal Signs

Signs with metal often offer versatile options that maintain the everlasting charm at your entrance view. 

Whether your home incorporates traditional, contemporary, Scandinavian, bohemian, or eclectic style, metallic signs effortlessly blend with your surroundings. 

The additional advantage is that metal will offer longevity and durability against every weather condition. 

Maximize the enduring charisma of your entrance to its pinnacle with: 

  • Sign hues that feature powder-coated steel finish in black, white, copper, red and silver. 
  • Unique designs to add whimsy and charm to your home’s exterior.  

5. Vintage Theme 

An elegant, simple yet defined, dog silhouette sign in the picture above is going magical with the brown wooden door, botanic decoratives, and a vintage black light. 

Picture this unique piece adorning your front door. This can truly be a highly admirable front door view, making an outstanding statement. 

To have a complete vintage view, you must stick to colors that evoke vintage themes, such as black or copper. Additionally, you can DIY your house number sign ideas with an 

  • Elegant pieces of decorative lights, 
  • Hanging flowers, or 
  • Greenish leaf pot


So now, you have a lot of house number sign ideas that match your home theme. You can choose any of the above options and customize them with your house numbers.  

Remember to go with colors and designs that are long-lasting, stylish, enduring, and truly complement your house theme.

You can buy the desired signs for your home directly from our website at www.BullyBelly.com. Explore our collections and add bulldog wall art to your home today!